2020 will be bringing many important sporting events around the world. Find out when to get your bats ready for the T20 World Cup with Hospitality Finder.

When is the T20 Cricket World Cup Starting?

If you follow cricket, you will most likely be aware that next year will hold the 7th ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. The event is generally held every two years, however, the last edition was concluded four years ago in 2016.

It is now confirmed that the event will take place in Melbourne, Australia. This has many wondering when in 2020 is the T20 Cricket World Cup, as die-hard cricket fans are planning their journeys down under.

When exactly the T20 Cricket World Cup starts depends on your preference to see the women’s or men’s games. You should plan to attend the following dates for:

  • The Women’s matches are scheduled to be held between 21st of February and 8th of March, with the events coming to a conclusion on International Women’s Day at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (“The G”).
  • The Men’s games will start on the 18th of October 2020 and will run through until the 15th of November, with the final also taking place at “The G”. (See 'When is the T20 Final?' for more info)

How to ensure the best T20 experience

Tired of long flights, different time zones and less than impressive sport event experiences? Well, we might not be able to move continents to help you out with the first two, but we can certainly make sure you have the best T20 Cricket World Cup experience possible once you land in Oz. We are proud of our close relationships with our partners and venues, which enable us to create the most unique, fun-filled package deals. To have the best experience at the games, we recommend that you use Hospitality Finder to provide you with the best T20 hospitality package.

Let’s be honest… how many times have you purchased a standard ticket to a game, promising yourself (and your family) that you would not spend any extra money at the stadium because you enjoy the game for the game? And how many times have you managed to keep your promise? Exactly. But in all seriousness, you’re travelling across the world to watch the champions compete, you should treat yourself now, to thank yourself later. At Hospitality Finder, we offer a variety of options to match the action on the field, so that you and your guests can enjoy this amazing event in style. Amongst some of our options, you’ll find champagne reception, chef-prepared meals and premium seats.

Don’t have your ticket yet? Not a problem. Find out How to buy T20 tickets here.

If you can’t find your favourite ICC T20 World Cup Package or are looking for something in particular, you can get in touch via an enquiry form or simply call us on 0844 247 8998.

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