Corporate hospitality can be a great way to connect with your employees, clients and partners. The all-inclusive packages focus on making sure every guest feels involved and taken care of. If you’re looking to impress your clients before an important meeting, hospitality plans can help smooth the path towards guaranteed success.

Get to know your venue

It’s important to consider what type of venue suits your clients and needs best. Do your guests enjoy a day out cheering on their favourite teams at a sporting event or do they prefer to relax in the sun with summer cocktails and canapes? To get the most out of the booking, take the time to speak to your booking service of choice to fully understand what’s included in your package and to discuss your options in terms of add-ons. 

Hospitality packages provide a great amount of flexibility when it comes to hosting events. The entire event is usually organised by the booking company, giving you the time and space to focus on your guests. Most venues offer additional options that can be used to create the perfect entertainment for your guests, such as themed parties and live music. 

Choose your event

Choosing the right event for your audience is key to a successful hospitality event. Everyone enjoys something different, so it’s important to get to know your guests before deciding which event you would like to invite them to. 

Monaco Grand Prix 2021 is a perfect event for those guests who are interested in cars and also enjoy a bit of thrill. This wonderful event is set amidst the beautiful Monte Carlo surroundings; reminiscent of the golden age of motorsports, it will transport you back in time to car racing of the ’40s, 50’s and 60’s.

For those guests who class themselves as rugby enthusiasts, we’d suggest looking into world-renowned events such as the 6 Nations Rugby or the Autumn Internationals. The Guinness Six Nations games are considered the most prestigious in the world of rugby and represent the pinnacle of sporting championships.

Horse racing is another very popular option amongst corporate hospitality packages with Aintree and Cheltenham taking the lead as the most attended horse racing events. These world-class events are known for their impeccable dress codes and regular visits from the Royal Family, with the Queen herself often watching her favourite horses from the royal enclosure.


It’s important to choose your guests wisely when investing in corporate hospitality. Ask yourself, what is your desired goal, what guests will be open and appreciative to hospitality events and will it help to achieve your desired outcome.

Getting the event right for your guests is also key to its success. Whether you’re planning on entertaining existing or potential guests, staff or press and media contacts, leverage what you already know about them. For example, Are they a keen footballer or rugby player? Are they passionate about music? Choose your event according to your guests' tastes to maximise the effectiveness of the 

Ensuring that all of your clients feel welcomed and valued is key. You might be looking to get different things out of different people, but all of your guests need to be treated equally and shown that their presence is desired and that they all bring something to the table. It’s important to make sure that you rotate your conversations and look out for those guests who might need a little bit more encouragement to feel relaxed and open to a group setting.

Don’t go too overboard on business talk, as this might create a tense environment. The trick is to provide an entertaining and enjoyable experience, instead of breaking your guest down with sales talk when they are trying to watch Andy Murray serve.


When planning a corporate hospitality event, you must consider your budgets as the aim is to try and make a return out of your investment. Rigorously assess the prices of paying for an event or box, but make sure not to be too stringent when it comes to spending either, as you do not want your guests to feel like you are cutting costs when it comes to entertaining them - balance is extremely important!

For existing clients, you could try to evaluate how big a revenue stream each of the clients you are inviting brings in every year versus the cost of the hospitality package, and try to work out a return on investment from your hospitality spend that way. Pay attention to the amount you spend on each event per customer and increase or decrease your overall budget accordingly.

Big or small - corporate hospitality works for any booking

Big events are great for boosting staff morale, but when it comes to entertaining your clients and partners, consider booking smaller events. These can be more intimate, allowing for more honest discussions, which could potentially produce better results. Smaller events will provide you with more time to spend on each and every client and customer to help your guests feel more valued.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a hospitality package, simply give us a call and we’ll work with you to deliver the most amazing experience to suit you and your guests. All we need is your exact requirements while you sit back, relax and look forward to your favourite event. Contact us on 0844 247 8998 or online.

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