What happens when you mix VIP hospitality at The O2, a group of 20 PAs and undoubtedly the world's biggest 'man band'? Read on to find out...

What happens when you mix VIP hospitality at The O2, a group of 20 PAs and, undoubtedly, the world's biggest 'man band'? Well, the results speak for themselves.

 'Great hospitality from the hosts, a great evening with amazing PAs, thanks, Executive PA Magazine and Hospitality Finder. The evening did not disappoint.' - Karen Glenn

The evening begun with some luxury pre-show hospitality inside our stunning VIP suite at The O2This included a complimentary bar of beer, wine and soft drinks along with superb food options for our guests to enjoy.

Our VIP guests had a variety of food to choose from including burgers, nachos, chicken, loaded potato skins and much more! With plates stacked high and drinks topped up it was time for the opening act Ella Henderson to head out on stage.

The brilliant Ella Henderson entertained the crowd ready for headline act Take That, who the audience were going crazy for. The lights dimmed marking the start of the main show. Our guests made their way to their padded VIP seats located outside the suite ready for an evening of pure Take That entertainment.

The show begun in true Take That fashion with a huge cast of dancers, singers and more taking to the stage. The show was well underday and our guests were thoroughly enjoying themselves, dancing away with drinks in hand. 

After a lot of dancing and singing along it was time for the evening to end. Coats were gathered from the in-suite cloakroom, details shared and plans for future events were underway.

It was safe to say that everybody had a great evening and we look forward to more corporate events in the future with Executive PA Magazine.

'Just wanted to thank ExecutivePA Magazine for a wonderful evening, it was an amazing night, with the added benefit of making new contacts!  Big thanks to Tom, Sue, Jade and Paul from Hospitality Finder for the fantastic arrangements they made to make the evening so enjoyable, a great insight in how a Suite at the O2 works and the bonuses of hosting a corporate event in one.' Dominique Rouillon-Miller


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