Cricket corporate hospitality has never been so popular. With multiple formats, exciting young players and occasional World Cup triumphs there has never been a better time to be a cricket fan and enjoy a VIP day out.

With the growing popularity of cricket comes challenges around getting tickets and guaranteeing value for your corporate hospitality investment. In this blog post we help you work out ways to choose your cricket event and know you are buying the best cricket hospitality package?

Join the Cricket Club

Hospitality Finder’s answer for cricket fans has been to create the Cricket Club. Quite simply this is our way to ensure you stay up to date with latest events and get the cricket matches you want on the days you want.

Sent via email you’ll hear from our Green Room Ambassadors - former players and celebrity fans – see testimonials and highlights from previous events and get help from our cricket team to plan your event. You can sign up for the Cricket Club today – it’s free of course.

Ticket availability for cricket hospitality

Compared to Premier League football stadiums cricket grounds are not as big. Whilst that does mean an even better atmosphere, it can make demand for tickets very high.

This is especially the case for England Cricket hospitality and historic venues such as Lords. The good news for you is that whilst other tickets are sold out, corporate hospitality may still available.

A good corporate hospitality company has official relationships with venues and event organisers, so whilst most tickets go to club members and season ticket holders, ours go to our clients!

Sometimes the difference between hospitality and top ticket prices is not that much – especially when you consider you are getting 5* food and hospitality included. The difference in cost quickly disappears and you get a VIP experience on top.

VIP cricket entertainment

People love a corporate hospitality day out because it includes so much more than just the sports event. Plus, it is all organised for you. Packages differ but champagne breakfasts, gourmet food, open bars and the best views of the match all make the cost of your ticket well worth it.

Want even more? Corporate hospitality companies continue to find ways to offer more at their events. When Hospitality Finder wanted to give clients more time with their guests, time to mingle with former players and celebrity fans and have an even more memorable day we created The Green Room. You get top class cricket, 5* food and drinks and a day full of laughter.

The testimonies of The Green Room guests and even our Ambassadors such as Darren Gough, show just how much everyone loves The Green Room experience.

Choosing the best corporate hospitality supplier

Having a good time at your corporate hospitality event is key to making the most of your investment. Of course, you want your day to go smoothly. A good corporate hospitality company will make sure you get all the information you need and help you with advice about travel and accommodation or maybe just a good pub near the venue.

Asking “do you have a guest experience team?” can be all the assurance you need. Checking their Trust Pilot review score is also a good idea.

There are a lot of companies you can buy corporate hospitality from but picking one you can count on from the start will mean you don’t have to do that research every time!

Join the Cricket Club – never miss out

If you want to make sure you know what corporate hospitality cricket events are coming up and when tickets go on sale, then make sure you are on our Cricket Club list.

Just click to join the Cricket Club and get the best cricket hospitality guaranteed.

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