We caught up with our Green Room Event Co-ordinator Natalie at India v Australia to see how a typical Green Room event is run. She takes us through a normal event day set up from start to finish.


Event day begins

Taxi journey to the Oval (ETA - 07:00)


Collect staff accreditation to allow access into The Oval and access to the hospitality suites.


Cross check the tables set up by the venue to mirror Hospitality Finder table plan including number of place settings, table sizes and any special requirements from The Green Room guests.


Confirm that the catering team have the latest list of dietaries and notes as this is updating all the time with new requirements.


Meet the AV team to ensure that they know the running order of the day and the content that should be shown on the screens including our Green Room highlight videos.

(If you attended Cheltenham this year, we even included guests and their image for any special occasions!)

Plus, ensuring that Mark Durden-Smith has a roaming microphone to wonder around the room throughout the panel. We also make sure thatt all of the screens in the room show footage of the game during non-panel times, so our guests don’t miss a thing!


Add a touch of The Green Room. From laying out competition forms on the tables to the big backdrops for the stage, there’s always something Green Room related to go out. 


Briefing the staff – this includes our fabulous host Mark Durden-Smith.

At each event, the staff members are sat down and briefed with how the event in run and what their roles and responsibilities are throughout the day.

Bar staff are prepped to prepare plenty of drinks as we don’t want to keep our clients waiting. 

Hostesses are your VIP service for the day, so they make sure that they are always checking on guests and will accommodate any issues or requirements.

Mark will be run through the running of the day and any important information will be pointed out. 

Security are told to keep the area secure and safe for guests. 

The photographer is briefed on what shots to take throughout the day and who to look out for in advance. 


We makesure that there is someone there to manage the cloakroom ahead of our clients arrival.



The event opens for our VIP guests where they are welcomed and shown to their tables.

08:30 - 09:30

Point of contact for ticket collection, if guests are unable to have the tickets sent to them, they are able to be met at the gates in the morning and collect them.

This includes our Friends of The Green Room.


General running of the day and making sure that everything is served / starts on time inside the facility including the food service, afternoon tea, panel sessions and prompting guests to make their way to their seating.


Rounding up our celebrity faces for video content.

We love to grab the celebs for a few minutes just to ask them a few quick questions and gather their thoughts on the facility. Check out our celebrity interviews over on our YouTube channel.


Game ends and The Green Room hosts post-match entertainment for an additional hour. Make sure that guests have had a good day.
We end the day by announcing the winner of our prize draw. 


Pack up all branded items to go back to the office or store them for collection.
Debrief with staff on the day (Hostesses, catering etc).


Home time!
Taxi journey back to the office. 

It's a long day for our event co-ordinator, but doesn’t she do a great job?

Will you be joining us at the next one? Whether it’s at The Oval for more cricket, Twickenham Stadium for the rugby or in Monaco for the Grand Prix, we hope to see you in The Green Room in the future!

If The Green Room is not for you, then browse our alternative VIP cricket hospitality packages here.

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