Corporate hospitality aims to help you develop strong relationships with long standing, as well as, new potential customers whilst enjoying sporting, music or cultural events in style.

Not only that, you can also maintain your social and professional network and show how much you value clients, staff and potential customers and business partners. This gives them the privilege of experiencing the event from a private box or suite with access to VIP areas, live entertainment and a private bar. Hospitality packages are a great opportunity to share the excitement of a major sporting event whilst helping to build rapport and develop relationships also whilst experiencing an event from a whole new perspective. We understand how daunting it may feel to be responsible for building client relationships, so to help ease the burden as your Hospitality experts, we’ve put together this article outlining 10 practical tips to make sure your day is a success.

1. Get the right people involved

Knowing who to involve in your event is the first key to success. It’s important to understand who your clients usually deal with within your company, as this will help you establish some common ground and the first point of contact will be able to do the introductions. 

This will also help people from within your organisation feel invested and show them that you recognise their value. These employees are also more likely to know your clients, including their likes and dislikes, which will prove crucial when trying to choose the right event and plan the perfect package.

2. Get your invitations right

To ensure that the conversation flows better and more naturally on the day of the event, it is important to consider guests who have a lot in common from both professional and personal points of view.

It’s also important that you invite your guests to an event they will want to attend rather than attending out of obligation. Tailor the day and the different activities to suit their needs, as events that interest your guests will help relax the situation and make it easier for discussions to ensue.

3. Get to know your guests

It’s probably not a surprise when we tell you that knowing your guests inside and out will help you plan the most successful event. Not only will you be able to create a bespoke experience that will show your guests you took the time to research them and put the effort into organising the event around them, but it will also help you with navigating your way through the party on the day.

4. Choose the right event

Choosing the right event for your guests is very important to make sure that your clients stay entertained throughout. Having a good time and doing something they enjoy will make them more open to conversation and building relationships.

This is also great for creating an enthusiastic atmosphere as having guests which share something in common is useful for bringing them together and appreciate the amount of effort that has gone into planning the event.

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5. Set yourself some objectives

Being able to measure whether you have achieved success in organising a hospitality event is crucial to help you determine whether it was a good investment. Being able to identify key statistics will make it easier for you to justify such spending in the future and put on more similar events for other clients. This is especially beneficial to those companies that have not had any previous experience with corporate hospitality. 

6. Give your guests a warm welcome when they arrive on the day

Making sure all of your guests receive a warm welcome is a key part to being a good host. Most hospitality packages will include welcome drinks and canapes and some initial entertainment to get your guests settled in.

However, it’s important that you arrive on time, ahead of your guests and are well prepared for the day ahead. This will help you prepare for any eventuality, allow you to greet your guests in person and provide introductions. 

7. Facilitate the conversation

Introducing each guest with a few words about who they are, what they do and how they fit within your organisation will help bring the entire group together and facilitate valuable discussions. It’s important to remember that there is more to the day than just business, so you should make an effort to talk to your guests about their interests and ensure everyone is getting as much out of the special day as they can.

8. Don’t confuse networking with a business meeting

The main objective of organising a hospitality event and inviting your existing or potential clients to a VIP suite is to promote a closer relationship, so it’s important that the atmosphere feels relaxed, allowing your guests to behave more like they’re spending a day with friends, rather than in a business setting.

Obviously, the ultimate goal is to get that deal set in stone, which your guests will not forget, so appreciate the moment and show them the best time. Finalising the contract is the culmination of a long process, so put less emphasis on getting the business done and focus more on your guests having fun.

9. Make sure you follow up

The event is over and it went better than you could have hoped. It is now time to consolidate the relationship, but how do you do that? The most common way to reach out to guests after an event is to send them a thank you; show them your appreciation for attending and kick start a two way conversation.

Follow your card with a short email asking them how they enjoyed the day and if there’s anything they liked or dislike in particular, sort of like a short questionnaire. You can also use this opportunity to share with them an invite to a face to face meeting to finalise the deal.

10. Always measure your success

Remember the objectives you have set before the event? Assess your ROI by focusing on those objectives. Asking yourself a set of questions that aim on providing valuable answers, such as “did the event result in any business leads” can help guide your thinking and improve the way you approach these events in the future. This will also help you determine whether the outcome justified the investment, which can be really helpful when planning future budgets.

Even though, by choosing a third party like Hospitality Finder, to help plan the event for you, as a host you will need to be very involved at every stage of the process to make sure the event you book meets all of your expectations. 


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