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Meet The Team: Jack Brivio

As part of our 'Meet The Team' we go behind the scenes of our sales department as they share what they think is the ultimate hospitality experience for our VIP guests and what their ideal hospitality would be for, net up we chatted to one of our Account Executives Jack Brivio.

What is your role at Hospitality Finder?
I am an account executive, so my role is to look after the clients and make sure that I can get them to the best events possible that suit their needs.

What events would you say you enjoy selling the most?
The big ones would be the rugby, especially The Green Room, that is a great one to sell as it has all the celebrity appearances and it is one of the best hospitality suites we provide. I would say the Cheltenham Festival and the cricket are also great ones to sell.

Out of all the events we do, which one would you say is the most popular?
I would have to say the Formula 1, you get great facilities like the Driver’s Lounge and Silverstone Six which are great ways to experience the British Grand Prix. Also we get a lot of interest for the ones abroad such as Monaco and Abu Dhabi, they are always popular amongst the clients. 

Thinking of all the events we have on offer, which one would you want to experience hospitality at?
Probably once again the Formula 1, I enjoy watching the races and being able to experience that with all the hospitality we do would be brilliant, the Drivers’ Lounge would be great to be at as a guest.

You have been to a couple of our events, which one has been your favourite so far?
The rugby I have got to say, The Green Room was a great experience and the game I went to was a really enjoyable day. It’s nice to see your clients in the facility having a great time, and they really enjoyed the hosting by Mike Tindall and Lawrence Dallaglio.

Do we have any new events that you are excited for our guests to attend?
I think The Green Room at Cheltenham will be one to experience, it’s a bit different to what is down there already. We also have a few new concerts and they are always popular amongst our clients, you get to experience VIP hospitality at great concert venues.

What would you recommend as the ultimate hospitality experience for our guests?
The Green Room, I would say it’s different to other people’s hospitality on offer, the overall experience gives you top priced seats, top priced hospitality and the best celebrity speakers, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the suite will be like down at Cheltenham too.

You mentioned that The Green Room is moving from Twickenham to Cheltenham, which elements of the suite are going to work well at the Festival?
I think getting the knowledge from the speakers and all the tipsters, you get top quality speakers in The Green Room at Twickenham so I’m looking forward to see who will be in the room at Cheltenham. Getting that inside knowledge from the sporting hosts about the event and the races on the day will be one of the best things to come from it.   


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